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Address Map Link: 8787 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood, CO 80226

Colorado Christian Univ.: Local weather conditions

Field location: Not located on school campus. Is located a few miles away on Alameda Ave.. Field Map Link

Parking: Behind Leftfield Fence

Surrounding Community (Field Location)





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Mascot: Cougars

Head Coach: Paul Koss

Playing Surface: Entire field turf

Dimensions of field: Left field 320 ft./Center field 390 ft./Right field 330 ft.

Batting Cages Available: Cages behind leftfield fence

Bleachers: Stadium seats behind home plate and grass eating area down 1B and 3B baselines.

Restrooms on Site: Yes

Concession: Yes

Website: Link


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CCU Home Dugout Watermark.jpg
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