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Address Map Link: 5254 N. Meadows Dr., Castle Rock, CO 80109
Castle View HS: Local Weather Conditions
Field location: South Side of School
Parking: School parking lot on south side of school next to the field. Uphill walk from parking lot to the field.

Surrounding Community

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Mascot: Sabercats

Head Coach: Keith Enockson

Playing Surface: Grass infield and outfield

Dimensions of field: Left Field 330 ft./Center Field 375 ft./Right Field 330 ft.

Field Direction: Faces Southwest

Batting Cages Available: Two tunnels behind 1B dugout.

Lights: No

Bleachers: Yes on both 1B and 3B sides (Home 1B/Visitors 3B)

Restrooms on Site: Porta Potty

Shade: Little to no shade, bring your own

Concession: Yes

State Titles: None

Schedule and more: MaxPreps

Website: Link

Twitter: Link

Facebook: Link

History and Tradition:

League Championships: 2010

Comments: Team clubhouse behind 1B home dugout.

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2 Cages Behind 1B Dugout

Sabercat Pride

Home dugout and clubhouse

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